February Status

I’m happy to say that work on the next Alice Long book, Merciful Troubleshooter, is well underway. I’m currently finishing up chapter 9, and tentatively looking at a release sometime in late summer or early fall. You can expect to see some previews from that here in a few months, and since it’s going to be a longer book than Thrall I may end up previewing more chapters.

In other news, I’ve decided to get off of the Patreon platform. They’ve apparently decided it’s okay to play thought police by banning anyone who dares to voice an opinion they don’t approve of, even if it’s published on a different platform. To me that simply isn’t acceptable behavior for a private company, so I’m not going to be supporting them anymore. Instead I’m moving to SubscribeStar, where I’ll continue to offer bonus chapters and sneak peeks to fans who are interested.

49 thoughts on “February Status

  1. Cool, I intend to follow you there either way! One request, please??? One more chapter of either Hentai Daniel, or Erotic Invasion? I am dying of curiosity of where it is going!!!!


    1. Regarding SubscribeStar. 4.99 per month is a bit too steep for me.

      Arand is writting Three books right now and, with delay, I get to read them as he writes them for 1 dollar per month.


  2. I prefer to pay you for your Kindle and Audible books. Prefer not to get advance chapters. So if you want, just put out a Paypal account and I, maybe others too, can pay that way. Before buying the book of course.

    What is it with this getting paid to write and then getting paid for the book too ?.

    Btw, I have purchased all your books in written and audio so far.

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    1. I too buy both kindle and audible versions. When you pay that way you are getting the finished product. When you pay to patron (and the like) you are paying for advanced access to draft versions of chapters/thought prosseses/artwork under consideration/ect. (depending on the author) as if you where a real Patron of the artist, just as the name implies. Unfortunately I can’t even afford to be a make-believe patron nevermind a full fleged Patron (something the often runs in the 10’s of thousands of dollars a year),so will have to wait with you for him to finish. Damn the luck… LOL


  3. YES!

    Alice and Emla are going to show up again? Gonna be a bigger mess this time I bet. Any bad guys better run like hell. (Not that running would likely help much)


    1. I am constantly surprised by the demands of folks on the internet.
      As if creative work did NOT take time and human effort, and it was instead a machine with buttons that you could hit to demand what you want when you want – gimmie, gimmie – NOW!

      I’ve actually read and followed books in a series that were each a decade apart, with no information from an author of when or even if a new book would be coming (started in 84, and ending this year).

      Patience, and respect – what concepts…


      1. Back in the day (late 80s-early 90s) I could understand your attitude. However, in the year of our lord 2019, any author can drop by their blog/facebook page and just leave a few words for their readers/customers.

        Patience and respect has nothing to do with it. Mr. Brown simply does not understand even the absolute minimal things that he can do to market himself. He can not post a few words once a month. He charges the price of ebook each month to get even a snippet from his Patreon (or whatever platform he is going to use).

        I will give you one example. Mackey Chandler. He outright tells us that he writes as something comes to him. He has done about 2 books a year, since 2011: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B004RZUOS2
        Here is his blog, he skips some months, but he mostly does 1 or 2 entries each month: http://mackeychandler.com/ Check the Archive column on the right. Check out his snippets. They are not full chapters (probably why he does not charge anything for them, not even 1 dollar), they are “appetizer” to keep us hooked and clamoring for more.


      2. I’m perfectly happy not knowing ever thought that comes in a writer’s head. Why do you insist they constantly bombard me with them? Is john smith even your real name?


    2. Actually, the real question is – “Do you think your negative, bitchy comment will encourage the author, or was it intended to discourage them from writing?”

      I have heard some complaints about the ‘sexism’ of the book, and that sort of comment would be one way to be sure that Mr. Brown does not write any further, or at the very least not post about what he is doing.

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      1. Mr. Smith, that is great for Mr. Chandler, but that does not relate to what was actually posted. Here, look again –

        “All I read in this post is No Daniel Black till December 2020. You may get some in 2021…. Maybe.”

        Mr. Brown posted what he was doing, and Kervyn was upset that it was not what he wanted, not an immediate gratification.

        Also, if you read what I posted, I asked if the very negative comment was supposed to encourage Mr. Brown – AT ALL. Because, to me, it read more like an attack.


      2. How is it a negative comment when all I want are regular updates, like said he would give us in his first blog post? https://williamscorner.blog/2017/09/05/re-launch/
        The last update we had was in November, and it was a chapter preview, not an update.

        It’s negative because I just want the author to drop a sentence every month to say something? I can wait, it’s waiting and not hearing anything. I’ve shilled Mr Brown to so many people, they liked it but you know what they complain to me about? No update information from the author. I will read Waif 2 when it comes out, but that too is mums the word. He doesn’t say where he is.

        Mr Brown could be so successful but he doesn’t reach out to his fans. Just writing a sentence or two every month would be a huge band-aid on his current PR fiasco. A lot of the people I recommended Brown to didn’t want to touch his books because the series were not completed. They didn’t want to start something that would never be finished. If Brown just put out something here every month it would help alleviate the fears of potential new readers that he is working on the books.

        I don’t see how wanting Mr Brown to get more successful for his books is me being negative.


      3. Lets look at what you posted again…

        “All I read in this post is No Daniel Black till December 2020. You may get some in 2021…. maybe.”

        There was nothing about comments, it was a complaint about how long you would have to wait… for a maybe.

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      4. The post was how long you will wait for information.
        All he has to say is Alice Long 2 2019, Daniel Black 5 2020. That would put many, many people at ease.

        Remember this is suppose top be a monthly infodump about what he is doing (blogging), yet he doesn’t say much.


      5. Assuming he asked, I would say – “if it is a choice between writing something on the net, or writing your book, choose the book.”

        If you are wanting more posts from him, say that instead of criticizing what he does in fact post.


      6. @Lou. This is the problem with the internet. Unless you put “signifiers” saying sarcasm, or joke or whatever, people will always assume your are attacking.
        I just made my post as an off comment, yet you are taking it as if I am breathing down the author’s face, mouth awash in foam, screaming about something. I was just pointing out that his post was lacking information.

        People talk about the sensitivity of people on the internet all the time, and I’m seeing it more and more. If I didn’t like the books I wouldn’t have done what I did to shill them to much people as possible.


      7. Kervyn, no matter how much sarcasm I put on your comment, there is nothing there about you wanting him to comment more in what you posted, only a complaint on how long it will take until the next book.

        Also, I never said a thing about you “breathing down the author’s face, mouth awash in foam, screaming about something.”

        What I am saying is that your comment, and you ‘explanation’ of your comment don’t make sense.

        You commented that people take postings badly… and you want the author to post more… which means they will spend more time putting together a thoughtful comment…. and then will spend time replying and clarifying his comments…. like you just did…
        All of which take time…. Time that could have been spent on the book instead… which will cause it to be delayed further… which you complained about in your post.

        I will be very clear on my point so there is no misinterpretation – if I have a choice of reading a posting by the author, or reading his next book earlier… I will pick reading the book.


      8. Lou the author doesn’t spend 24hours a day writing. If he did we would be awash in books right now.
        When he takes some time off, all he has to say is “blah blah blah, going where I want, on schedule for December. Daniel Black, next year maybe.” Once a month and it would be golden. He doesn’t eat sleep writing.

        I am commenting on the author breaking what he set out to do.


      9. Sleep, work a job, have a personal life, write more…. List of things that are more worthwhile than internet postings.

        Also, I am a Paetron of his. He posted there that he is leaving Paetron because of the flack, and static authors who post there are getting.


      10. This is my 5th, and last comment, for this. I assume you will still dance around the point, as you have the time to waste.

        I have a better things to do, much like the “full time author,” than to waste any more time on this.


  4. Totally support your decision regarding patreon.

    Anything about Daniel black? We know you just released a new book, but we would like to hear your thoughts on when you intend to start the next book ofbthe series


  5. I just looked up the thing about patreon, assuming your talking about Carl Benjamin I have to say I disagree with your decision. I love your books but them banning a guy because he was saying someone was “acting like a ni**er” and asking if they thought white people acted like that seems fairly reasonable especially when they reach out to people before banning them. Asking for respect while using a word that has been used to define and ridicule an entire race for centuries is one of the most ignorant and idiotic things I’ve heard in a long time.


    1. You made a big assumption on why he left Patreon.how do you actually KNOW that it was that comment.

      Please keep your over strong and presumptive thoughts to yourself.


      1. Asking for such on the internet is almost like asking a politician for a well thought out and concise idea of how to do something. It is possible and it has happened. VERY rarely especially in the US these days.

        That said? I wonder how many people gave Mark Twain problems over what HE wrote and what he replies were? (I DOUBT they were polite) Talk about politically incorrect! I am not comparing Benjamin to Twain, I am saying that we all look at things through different eyes. My stepfather was a gold ol’ boy from a good southern family who thought nothing about calling any people who were not white racial slurs and always protested that he wasn’t prejudiced. I always just thought he was a jerk because that was how he acted.

        Maybe I am just getting old. Maybe there is no place for politeness or even respect in today’s society that you do not take at gunpoint or with threats of other kinds of violence. I hope not.

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      2. umm if you actually read my comment you would see that I said “assuming your talking about… I don’t agree with your decision” I didn’t say “I assume you are talking about… so I disagree with your decision” meaning that my comment was only about that and if that wasn’t why he decided to leave Patreon then so be it, it could even open dialogue so that he or someone else might explain why he left Patreon therein enlightening me on why I might avoid the site myself in the future. I don’t KNOW that is why he left Patreon. I wasn’t attacking him for it either, so I don’t understand the hostility. Perhaps I should clarify my previous comment, Carl Benjamin was ranting about being disrespected while calling someone the N-word repetitively. The last part of my previous comment was in regards to Mr. Benjamin and not Mr. Brown.


    2. Patreon has deplatformed a lot of right wing speakers recently for their beliefs. Its become a free speech issue, which is why a lot of people are leaving Patreon, whether or not they agree with those deplatformed.


      1. Isn’t free speech the ability for the government not to censure you for your comments? I can’t recall it being about other citizens or privately held businesses not censuring you.
        Aren’t the rights about the people and the government?


      2. Yes the right of free speech refers to the government, but the problem is that the left has nearly exclusive control over the main stream media in the US. Additionally, lately many of the more open platforms have been doing a lot to remove online revenue streams for many groups that they disagree with.

        Free speech was originally far more prevalent of an issue when it came to reporters and the media, but these days there’s just as many people (or more) who get all their information online through sites like youtube (which has also had just as many problems lately with demonetizing and banning channels they disagree with).

        While these companies currently have no legal requirement to allow these groups on their platform, if companies primarily leaning towards one side or the other control both the mainstream media and online media and are using their leverage to block or defund anyone else, it does kind of end up being this era’s free speech issue since they’re all attempting to push a single point of view.


      3. @Alexsis. As a non American, all I see is you are free to say what you want, but the other guy is also free to react to what you say, which includes kicking you off his privately owned business.
        There are guidelines(terms and agreements), a lot of people don’t read those things fully, so if they broke it, that’s on them.

        Also this left and right thing, both sides lies, so I’m not even getting into that. The right media lies, the left media lies.


      4. Ha Ha “Free speech!!” Don’t you know that whenever something has “free” on it, you have to read the terms and conditions in the fine print… There are always strings attached. About the only thing free is the air you breathe..


      5. It might not be free speech as defined by some – it`s not a government program. Doesn`t matter, it`s not these companies right. If a big company screws over a small minority of their clients I`m gonna stop being a client of theirs no matter what I call it(unless I happen to agree fully with every single case, one wrong ban is one too many(unless they apologize) and I`m out, or in this case one person that should be banned by their own rules and isn’t shows hypocrisy). Fair rules or I couldn`t know I`m safe myself. That is, however, an impossible standard so their better option would be to take no responsibility there, and just be a neutral publisher. Then their rules would also be fair in my view. A publisher that lets their clients vote fairly or has clear guidelines not hidden apposed case by case decision makers(especially if it`s more than one person). See I`m not taking them to court legal definition doesn`t matter this is a free speech issue but a different definition of free speech than the older legal one. I do support boycotting all these companies or trying to pressure them to change for the better. I would even support new laws that do cover these under free speech because it does feel/look like having free speech restricted.


      6. @ Fred. They are also free to let your patronage go. Why should they bend over to support people that broke their rules?
        It’s a private company and you want laws to tell them what they can say? That should be breaking their right to free speech when you want Big Gov to step in and tell them what’s okay to say.


  6. That’s exciting! I can’t wait for the next installment. Although by the time the next book is out I’ll have read book one at least twice more. As much as I love Daniel Black(and I do love it) I think I like Alice long a little more.

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  7. So glad to hear we are finally getting another Alice Long book, feels like it’s been such a long time since Perilous Waif. I can’t wait to see where it goes with this one 🙂 (Yes I’m one of your odd readers), Tried Daniel Black and just have no interest in it but I love the Alice Long Series so I can’t wait.

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  8. I love your books so much and can’t wait for the next one! Thank you for sharing your stories with us – if only we could pull them out of your brain faster!!!


  9. Can’t wait for the release but hey umm if your still reading this just my personal feelings but the title kinda feels a little wordy to me. Anyway good luck on your writing please let us know here when it’s out see ya then.


  10. Found a video of a guy playing with an induction heater. In part of the video, he tosses molten steel on the ground, and you get to watch it explode. The same effect should happen pretty much every time Daniel fires his gun, so I thought some of you might be entertained by it.


  11. I was in the middle of my fourth or fifth reread of Perilous Waif, and I was thinking about how mormonism (any possible variation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) could conceivably fit into an intergalactic universe like the one depicted in the book, and I realized just how profoundly ridiculous it was that anything resembling the church could exist in the setting.

    The funny thing about that Mormon infomorph on the Square Deal, Chief Benson, is that the concept of infomorphs even being possible completely invalidates everything to do with Mormonism. The entirety of Mormon theology hinges on the existence of a spirit body distinct from physical body and the mind or intelligence. The mind being turned into data and shoved into a fancy rock renders Mormonism completely moot in every way possible by completely throwing out all the rules about the nature of spirit and mind, rendering Mormonism utterly incomprehensible.

    Then, the ridiculousness continues since one of the only things the Mormon Bastion has in common with Mormonism is the dietary restrictions (which are mainly for the benefit of health), in a universe where a “paleo digestive system” is considered retro. The only kind of believable thing about the Mormon Bastion is that they instituted polygamy as a standard (which by the way is light years away from any church position on the issue ever) and that’s only because polygamy existed as a priesthood calling in the church for a few decades.

    And to think that for my first three or four readings I thought the complete invalidation of Mormon (and even generally Abrahamic) endtimes prophecy and thus proving the prophets false was the biggest issue.

    I didn’t have anywhere else to post this, and I really wanted to get this off my chest, but I am really excited for Merciful Trouble Shooter and will definitely pick it up on release.


  12. So now that you’re back to writing as E. William Brown for awhile, should we assume that the stories under your other pen name are going to be delayed?


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