July Update

Those of you who are impatiently waiting for Thrall will be happy to hear that I’ve just finished chapter 19, so things are still on track for a fall release. I’m still projecting that the book will be about 23-24 chapters long, so I’ve only got about four chapters to go.

My plans for Alice have undergone substantial revisions, because I finally have a plot for a real sequel to Perilous Waif. Merciful Troubleshooter is going to be a door-stopper of a book, but it should be fun to write. We’ll see a lot more of the weird societies and advanced technology of the 26th century, and explore what it’s like to work security for a crew of shady characters when their past comes back to haunt them. The events of the novella I’d been planning will end up being worked into the latter half of the book.

Finally, I’ve decided how I’m going to handle preview content for my books from now on. I like to post the first few chapters of a novel here before its release date, so readers can get some idea of what to expect. But my books sometimes undergo major revisions as they’re being written, and I don’t want to post a chapter and then discover I need to completely re-write it before publication.

Luckily I’ve also decided I need to move to a more professional pre-publication process, including using a proofreading service to help rid my manuscripts of all those little typos and grammatical snafus that tend to sneak past me. That adds a few weeks between finishing the first draft and actual publication, which gives me an interval where I know there aren’t going to be any more major changes. So what I’m going from now on is post the first preview chapter as I wrap up the end of a book, and then post another preview every couple of weeks during the editing process.

At my current rate of progress, that means you can expect the first public preview of Thrall in early August.

38 thoughts on “July Update

  1. Thanks for the update really appreciated. I am glad to know that thrall is on track and that the content for Alice is still plentfull.


  2. Happy to see progress on your books! When you think they are ready, I’ll be buying them. The Alice book was a wonderful surprise that lead to your other books…as long as you keep writing, I’ll keep buying….


  3. Excellent news! Thanks for the update (and I’m glad to hear about the new editing process…I still get thrown for a loop every time I read about “Hecate’s” army invading Kozalin:-) ).

    Looking forward to _Thrall_!


      1. Hecate’s what doing what???!!!!

        It was a typo in the book. The reference was to Hel’s army, but Hecate’s name was what showed up in the text.


  4. Thanks for the news; Since I’ve read your releases on Amazon, I wait for the news will reading again and again the books (Actualy, 5 times the Daniel Black serie and 7 the Alice Long…).

    Like all the author I follow, I hate you because you can’t write and publish faster, but I love you (Only the books and your brain -Braaaiiinnnn – not your body) when the sooo waited release is published.

    Thank you for your hard work!

    (PS: I’m french, my message may be a little weird and strange to read, my writing english isn’t really good…)


  5. Just read PW for the fourth time. I miss Alice almost as much as I do Daniel at this point. Thanks for the update! Decent editing really separates the wheat from the chaff when publishing independently. I won’t be a drama queen and say that typos and errors ruin a good story, but it’s immensely satisfying to finish a book and not notice anything like that.


  6. Heartfelt thanks for taking the time to loop your readers in.
    KEEP WRITING. Thank you.
    Truly enjoy your voice in these genres. Wonder what you see happening in Oz during Fimbulwinter.


  7. Thank you for the Update! Fall is just around the corner so take your time, when you publish it We will be there to buy it and will be spreading the word. So, make it great. cant wait…


  8. YES!!!!!!!!


  9. *Looks at blog* ^blinks^ “It’s Alive!” “Mwahahaha!”
    I am glad to hear from you. The news about both series is even better. I will gladly buy both books, after the first KU read thru. I have to admit, I still am completely lost on where I missed the change from Revenant to Thrall, but as long as it means there is a book, it’s all good. Now to wait and see if if any of the hanging questions are answered or end up part of the plot.


  10. I can’t wait! Most other harem fantasy authors don’t push the envelope as much as you do, and their Main characters definitely aren’t legit anti-heroes like Daniel.


  11. Absolutely loved Perilous Waif. Must have read it a dozen times, I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for your hard work, can’t wait!


  12. Thank you for the update! I am very excited to hear that Alice will be in a full blown novel rather than in a shorter novella! I like your approach of proceeding cautiously and doing it right rather than churning out potboilers. Keep up the good work and I shall continue to wait patiently. I will check out Thrall whilst I am waiting for more of Alice!


  13. I heard a rumor you might be releasing two versions of the Daniel Black books? One with more subtle adult situations and one that would go back to a more Fimbulwinter style? Yes please… I’ll take the adult version thanks!


  14. It would be nice with an Alice Long open thread; I don’t think there’s enouph material to make it such an absolute beast as the DB one is, but still I have theories and questions I’d like to talk about…


    1. It is my understanding that kindle demands an exclusiveivty clause if your book is part of kindle unlimited, but there are probably work around a if you buy a digital copy and download it into a pdf or something. Not sure about the specific’s of that though I’ve never used a kobo before


    2. If the book does NOT have DRM activated then you can use a software program called “Calibre” to convert the book from one format to a number of others. I specifically got the program so I could take books off my Kindle and store them on my computer. You cannot change files locked with DRM but you can store them until you want to read them again and move them back to your Kindle. Calibre also allows me to rate the books and put comments into the “Metadata” area so I can see my own comments to trigger my memory.

      In your case you could buy the Kindle version of a book and use the free Kindle reader for the PC if you wish and using Calibre convert the file to whatever file format Kobo uses and then use Calibre to move the file to your Kobo, where you can read it.

      Hope this helps.


  15. I’m going to have to make myself not read the free previews because it will only make the wait for the next book that much harder to bear!!

    I will be checking in more often now though just to see how close I am to my next long read. I’m also liking your new plain for proofreading and I would recommend sending in the books you’ve already done as well. It will actually work well I think to have them proofread your previous books while you work on writing the new ones and then you can just upload the corrected versions to amazon who will then update our copies.

    Thank you again for your hard work. I’m truly enjoying it and have read your current stories many times over while waiting for the new.


  16. 3 years later………………………ill check back in another 15-20 years to see if you actually finished this series.


  17. I enjoyed the Daniel Black books but I was just blown away by Perilous Waif ( I gave it a very rare for me 5 star review!) I am really glad to see you have a plan for the next Alice Long book!


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