April Status

I see it’s been a while since I did a status post, so I suppose I’d better give an update.

I’m just finishing up chapter 14 of Thrall, the next Daniel Black novel. My current outline has the book being 23 chapters long, so the end is in sight on this one.

The next Alice Long story is a novella that’s currently at 4 chapters, out of an expected 12 or so. The way things are going it will probably be done around the same time as Thrall.

I’ve been doing some outlining and background work on the sueprhero story that I’ve mentioned before, but that’s defintiely on the back burner for now. I’ve also been considering a military SF concept set in the same universe as Alice Long’s story, but that’s a lower priority project at the moment.

So it looks like I should end up having two releases this year, but they’ll probably both be in the Fall.

27 thoughts on “April Status

    1. Id like to see us get to 5000 comments in the current one. More stuff has been said about what Daniel might conceivably, possibly, maybe think about doint than the good Mr Brown could write in fifty of his great books.


  1. I’ve very much enjoyed the Long and Black series. Thank you for continuing them. Thank you for being an author who updates their fans.


  2. Woooo! I almost didn’t check for an update this month. Thanks for checking in with your fans. 🙂 Helps make the wait less painful.


      1. I’ve lost faith in authors like George RR Martin. So much so that I won’t be buying WoW. At a certain point, an author has an obligation to his fans to publish. Instead GRRM has just sat around starting all these new projects and taking in money from the HBO series, a series that wouldn’t have happened without the devoted fan base that he is now neglecting. Same thing with Patrick Rothfuss and DoS, except Rothfuss is a better writer. I think Mr. Brown is a good author and I’m willing to wait three years between books, but not much more than that before I give up.


  3. I agree with Vikk. The older I get the less I’m willing to wait years between books. I like Mr Brown’s books but this is getting to be too far between.


    1. This is what I think. If he’s loosing interest in Daniel Black because of the other books.) And don’t get me wrong. I think Alice Long is quite possibly the most unique SF book I have read in MANY years. And it was supremely well done and amazing) Then he should just “end” the series. Focus on it, and end it. It can be a 4 book series. No problem, just finish it up. Then he can focus on the others. Several times now I have had an excellent series just drop off after 2-3 books because the writer just decided to write other stuff.

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  4. Greetings,
    I enjoy your work and appreciate the effort you put into your work. In my opinion Having read all three Daniel Blacks and Perilous Waif a couple few times in my opinion Perilous Waif is by far your offering of an outstanding crop. Look forward to your future work.


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