January Status

Another month, another status post.

I’ve been a bit more focused since the last update, finishing two more chapters of Thrall. So far my inspiration seems to be holding steady, and if I can manage the same again next month I’ll be about 2/3 of the way through the book.

11 thoughts on “January Status

  1. Has the alternating method, i.e. switching to work on another series or idea when you hit a block, helped out or does it make it worse for you? My curiosity wants to know.


  2. Hello Mister William, I have greately enjoyed your three works about Daniel, and altough I desperate want to know more about what you have in store for him, I understand that those work needed a process, so whatever you did then to deliver such a great work, I hope you would do now again in this 4. Thanks for the status update.


  3. Yes, the book is truly excellent. Anybody know anything with similar themes (secretly royal or really important hero, transhumanism & augumentation, not-so-villainous villains /Mirai/) to read while waiting for volume 2?


    1. Garon Whitfield’s Nightlord series was in some ways similar and quite enjoyable. It’s nowhere near the caliber of Daniel Black, which is awesomeness distilled. But satisfying while we wait for book 4.


  4. I love your books so much. Are there any thoughts into having your books printed ? I know some people that will love them but do not like or own kindle readers.


  5. Just reread Alice Long. The questions I forgot I had are burning again.
    1. Will we get a perspective of events on the Square Deal or the aftermath?
    2. What happened to the additional Emlas and the quick-fab Mirai drones?
    3. Will we get to see some of the dark space colonies Sokol diverted from in the next book?
    4. Does Alice sneak anything over to Hope?
    5. Do any Female interests show up for Alice? As it was, it was kind of a whiplash effect going from the interest in Dita and the interest in Naoko to the Kavin and Akio situation, without the general interest in sexual characteristics rising as well. Does Alice have a matrix for attraction like her threat matrix? It just seemed inconsistant through the story, when as she continued to mature, her interest should have risen throughout the story. Unless it was hidden behind the scenes, but it would be nice to know, as it was a plot thread that was appearing, changing, and disappearing.
    6. Will we see more of Alice’s charisma effect on androids in the next book?
    7. Warbot Commander Alice is fun to read, want more.


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